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Vinegars for Health & Flavor

The benefits of vinegar are endless and truly makes for a difficult place to start an informational blog. First off, I am sure to many that it seems a rather mundane subject to discuss at any length but stick with me here…you may just be surprised…. First off there are so many types of vinegars that using them in our daily lives is the easy part. People have been making vinegar for centuries and history shows that as far back as the 6th century, vinegar has been a staple for foods and skin care. Even those who are time constrained or just not interested in the multitude of great homemade recipes can garner the extreme health benefits and delicious flavoring of vinegars. The markets are literally flooded with different types of vinegar, and I can spend an inordinate amount of time perusing the vinegar section, while imagining the recipes I could make for each and every one. Occasionally I have stayed so long in the vinegar aisle of actually having the manager ask me kindly to please leave as it seems I may have inadvertently started to salivate like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Hate when that happens. I just love my vinegars. From the usual types of vinegar such as apple cider or white vinegar to the more exotic fruit and herb infused vinegars there are many vitamins and minerals within their bottles. There are organic, unfiltered, unprocessed vinegars which appear murky, but that murkiness is exactly where most of the nutrients are hiding, that cobweb type substance you see floating or near the bottom of the bottles of unfiltered vinegar is known as the “Mother “. That is exactly what you need to look for if the best nutrient filled vinegar is needed to garner the most health benefits. The point is all vinegars are an excellent addition to your health whether added to salad dressings or used as marinades for meats, seafood etc.. Not only is using vinegar in the kitchen on a daily basis delicious and healthy but vinegar has other uses as well. You can add an herbal vinegar to your bath and you will come out rejuvenated and relaxed. An organic herb infused vinegar can be used as a remedy for acne or other skin blemishes as it soothes and cools inflamed skin. There are also recipes for headaches, facial toners, muscle rubs, sunburn sprays…vinegar truly has a thousand and one uses. I plan on sharing some recipes and more uses in a later posting, but just wanted to get out at least a few of the many uses and health benefits of vinegar. Kind of “ food “ for thought if you will.

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