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Not only is the plant beautiful but it has a very interesting history and seems very appropriate with Easter just behind us for this year. . The name originates centuries ago from its finely cut corona in the center of the bloom. It is very similar to the Crown of Thorns given to Jesus of Nazareth and has become the symbol of the Crucifixion as far back as the 17h century. The five stamens are said to represent the five wounds suffered by Jesus on the Cross.

Passionflower is now cultivated mostly in Europe, mainly in Italy and also in North America and includes approximately 400 species with many enjoyed as simply a gorgeous garden plant. But the main benefit from this flower is its sedative action due to its level of serotonin which is a chemical messenger in all our brains.

Many handcrafted herbal sleep remedy tea blends contain dried passionflower, it is a safe alternative to commercial over the counter and even prescribed sleep aids on the market today. The properties contained in the flower provides a calming action upon the central nervous system, as well as a gentle non habit forming tasty remedy for short term bouts of insomnia. It also relieves tension, anxiety, irritability enabling most people a more relaxed state of mind and thus a good nights sleep.

In addition to its relaxing capabilities passionflower also is valuable in pain such as headaches, muscle cramps, etc. which again helps to promote a good nights sleep. Many people who are plagued with the pain of sciatica have found relief with passionflower. While it is an excellent healthy alternative to commercial sleep aids which are often filled with artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers, it is also mild enough to drink during the day for a more relaxed state of mind. Many have found that their nerves are steadier, they respond better to stress and their sleep came more naturally.

This herb is safe enough for children as well and in Italy it is used frequently for the treatment of hyperactive children and it also improves concentration in school children.

A very quieting and soothing herb for the nervous system without the side effects of the

" typical " sleep aid hangover" many people suffer from as a result of taking OTC and RX prescribed sleep aids.

In closing I just cannot say enough about the wonderful benefits of this beautiful herb......

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