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Luscious Lemon Balm

This delicious herb has a pretty amazing and interesting history in that it goes back thousands of years and one of its first uses was as a wine infused liniment of sorts. It is just amazing to me that so many of todays herbs have such a long and convoluted history, and how truly brave it was for the ancients to see a plant and wonder what use it could be and how many trials and errors did they come across?

I am quite certain they found some plants not only ineffective in benefits but could be downright toxic!

Luckily for us today there is so much information to be found about all these herbs that we no longer need be as concerned about the effects they will have on our minds, body and spirits. I am forever grateful for all those ancients who braved the unknown with so much success but often with dire circumstances.

But back to my luscious lemon balm for it is truly one of the great herbal gifts bestowed upon us. It's Latin name is Melissa Officinalis so called as the Greek word for Honeybee is Melissa. It was named this due to the Honeybees love of this flowering herb, which has tiny white flowers with a beautiful scent and so attracts the bees. Further I have learned that in ancient mythology a group of nymphs called melissai first discovered honey and that their symbol became the bee and it was believed they occasionally metamorphosed into bees at times.

Of further note Lemon balm was traditionally used to uplift the spirits as well being considered quite spiritual in nature and in ancient times this herb was used in spells to heal broken hearts and also to attract romantic love.

AHHHHH but there I go again...I fear I digress...but Greek Mythology and all its rich and interesting stories....but back to it.

Not only is this herb helpful in calming the mind and even the mild heart racing palpitations often associated with stress, fear and anger it has many other uses such as treating cold sores and reducing the chance of further outbreaks. Lemon Balm is also a very effective first aid remedy for minor cuts, scratches and insect bites.

Also because it is a member of the mint family it is a good choice for some digestive issues in calming a nervous stomach etc...and can be incorporated into a tea blend, made into capsules, tinctures and ointments depending upon the issue being addressed. Fresh Lemon Balm can even be added to salads for fresh minty addition and is often used to season fish before grilling or baking...as with most herbs it is very versatile in the many ways it can be used.

Other uses include but are not limited to cardiac issues, insomnia, herpesvirus infections, irritable bowel syndrome to name just a few benefits.

In closing I cannot say enough about this beautiful herb and all the health benefits it can impart, yet as with all herbal preparations one must be experienced in all there is to know about each plant, just as in RX medications, not every single one is appropriate for every single person.

For instance Lemon Balm can increase the sedative effect of barbiturates and should be avoided if prescription medications are being taken for anxiety or insomnia issues. Also of note some studies state lemon balm should also be avoided by those suffering from glaucoma as it may increase the pressure within the eye.

Trust me when I say I can go on and on about the many benefits of this lovely herb and my hope is that I have successfully been informative enough to entice some of you to try this herb and I thank you for taking the time to read this.....

I encourage everyone look at herbal remedies a little closer as they truly can impart so many natural benefits without all the lab produced often chemical filled prescription medications as well as the copious amounts of over the counter remedies that flood the markets today.

......and now if you will excuse me I shall go put the kettle on and make myself a hot steaming cup of my aromatic Lemon Balm Tea....


Be Well...and Much Positive Energy to all of you......

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