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Dry Skin

Winter or summer at some point many of us experience dry skin. While there are many underlying conditions for chronic dry skin such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea the type I am addressing here are your common everyday time frame of

that aggravating dry skin that just seems to pop up for no apparent reason. So, before you rush out to purchase an expensive department store moisturizer that promises exuberantly to absolutely restore your skin to its original baby soft quality let’s look into some more common yet extremely

effective treatments that are affordable for all.

Top of the list is Aloe Vera Gel. It contains extreme moisturizing properties, as well as being very soothing and healing. Aloe Vera Gel also sloughs off dead skin cells allowing the gel to penetrate into your skin and work its magic. In very warm weather I have often applied it chilled from a stint in the refrigerator and sit back and enjoy its coolness.

When mixed with a good pure witch hazel and a few drops of essential oil such as rose or chamomile as it serves as an excellent toner. I often will pour about 8 oz of witch hazel into a 12 oz glass container, add 4 oz of Aloe Vera gel and 1-1/2 teaspoon of organic rose or chamomile essential oil.

Shake well before each use and if desired keep in fridge for a cooling effect. This is not only great for facial skin but all over body toning. Plus, it feels decadent!

(Please note chamomile is not recommended if you are allergic to ragweed, best to stick with calendula or rose)

Another trick for replenishing that dryness during the day is to make an infusion of floral water. To do this simply mix 4 oz distilled water with 48 drops (or 1/2 teaspoon) of organic lavender essential oil into a glass spray bottle (always use glass containers when mixing with essential oi as it can break down the plastic container. Give it a quick shake and spritz away. This small bottle can easily be kept in your purse or backpack for easy access anytime of the day. Lavender essential oil has long been known for its anti-inflammatory components which soothe irritated skin very quickly.

Please note however it is imperative you use a good essential oil from a reputable company as there are far too many cheap imitations flooding the market which may or may not divulge all their ingredients and your skin deserves the best you can obtain.

One more easy trick of the trade is a weekly home-grown facial sauna. No need for an expensive spa treatment when this is easy and just as effective.

Using extreme caution, so as not to burn yourself, add 2 to 4 tablespoons of dried organic calendula flowers to 2 quarts of water on medium heat until it begins to steam a little. Remove from heat and place pot onto a trivet or thick potholder on a table and sit with your face at a * comfortable * distance above the steam for about 15 minutes. You may drape a hand towel over your head to trap the steam if you like.... but please*** use extreme caution *** to avoid an injury.

After15 minutes, splash your face with cold water and relax as you allow your face to air dry, at that point apply Aloe Vera Gel or the toning lotion I described above.

Your face will thank you for it.!

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