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Bath Salts and Soap

      Looking for a completely natural alternative to the multitude of sweet smelling bath additives on the market today? That may smell nice and have a good sounding narrative but are filled with chemicals, artificial aromas and preservatives then please take a moment and read about my bath salt remedies.


     I have created some healthy bath salt and hand crafted herbal bar soaps that will fit the bill. If like many of us you have explored the natural health field at all you have most likely read a little about the power of our minds. And that even in the most stressful of times if we can calm our minds we end up calming and soothing our bodies as well. Through my research I have created some bath salts combinations  that are not only soothing but very beneficial health wise.  I offer different formulas for different issues such as sore muscles, stress, general wellness therapy and many others. 

     One of the leading causes of illness is due to stress and what better way to handle that than a nice warm soak bath...even if time is a constraint you will be amazed how  much better you feel after just a quick 15 minute soak...I use only pure ingredients and can offer many different scents to calm the olfactory sense as well.

     And while relaxing in the warm soothing comforting water let your mind wander to a beautiful place..leave your troubles and stress at the door and enter the water with a clear mind open to the benefits of the wonderful salts as they work to relax and calm your fevered mind. 

     If you find you are prone to chronic illness, fatigue or are fighting a long debilitating illness such as cancer or any autoimmune syndromes it is even more important that you allow yourself the benefits of these bath salt mixtures. 

Breathe in the soothing aromas of the bath and relax.....

Bath Brush and Soap
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