Aromatherapy Roll On Scents


Welcome to my new section of a multitude of easy to apply specialty fragrances. 

These are the new and improved versions of a few I used to offer, making it essentially effortless to stay feeling fresh and fragrant !!

There are several unique scents to choose from with more to be available at a later date. 


Size: 10 ml roll on type bottle

Cost: $12.00

A convenient  way to stay feeling refreshed and  freshly scented all day long! These small roll on containers are easy to stash in your purse,  pocket or backpack, just  apply as often as desired to your pulse points ( wrists, temples, neck , crook of arm, behind knees for example) and you are assured of feeling as fresh as a daisy. !

They are available in several scents and will arrive in either a clear or cobalt blue roll on glass container.